Imagine if Podia, Circle, ConvertKit, Airtable and Ghost Had a Baby.
Nick Simard / Sep. 8, 2022 / 2 min read
Close your eyes for a moment, if you would, and imagine an app that combines the best of Podia, Circle, ConvertKit, Airtable, and Ghost. Throw in a robust API and Zapier integration and watch out!

Here's why I think a hybrid of these 5 apps would be game-changing.
Take a dash of Podia...

  • Design and aesthetic
  • Build an entire website
  • Courses/digital products/memberships

Add a sprinkle of Circle...

  • Discussions, posts, comments
  • Spaces (private, public, paid)
  • Member directory and chat

Throw in a pinch of ConvertKit...

  • Robust email marketing
  • Automation & workflows
  • Simplicity and UX

Use a smidge of Airtable...

  • Databases and views
  • Present data beautifully
  • Power dashboards, products and website

And blend in a bit of Ghost...

  • Content creation
  • Beautifully simple CMS
  • Ease-of-use
The Ultimate Creator App
Though it might sound like overkill, and maybe it is, I think an app like this could charge $99/month and be the one and only app that most creators would need.

Take the very best features from all these platforms, smush them together and make $$$.
What's Missing?
Anything else you'd like to see? Would you replace any of the apps with something else (yeah, yeah, I know...Notion ????)?

I'm curious what creators out there think. Would this app be way more than you need, or would it be nice to have it all in one platform?